Friday, July 11, 2008


Will you deal with your pain?
The bitterness inside
You shove it in to the point where you hardly know its there.
Now you can rest.
You fall into a slumber 
O SLOTHful one
Peaceful Awake
Your awake and rising to the top.
Or is it only a facade?
O but PRIDE shall come before the fall.
Snatching all you can hold
on the decent
Your depravity is evident.
Maybe they have something to offer.
Your LUSTful eyes 
consume you. 
Now you want it all. 
GREED overtakes.
As if you are the only one. 
ENVY grows without much notice.
Now your driven
You spiral into the WRATH 
thats always been there
That which you kept
Led to your death.

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