Wednesday, June 18, 2008


ill see it.  i just wanna show up at second service one day, and its still all the first service people, but theyre so overcome by the Lord they cant leave. or see some news thing about people in some random public place like a grocery store on their faces for hours cuz the presence of the Lord just swept in out of nowhere. Boom. or myself just be knocked to the ground by the spirit of the Lord. or go in a place where EVERYONE in the room can feel the tangible spirit of God- even the people who dont care to- that way nobody can deny it. 

  So Lord,  Send your glory Lord in great measure! Sure I know you are moving in FL and places, but God I want you to move more than man. So much to where man can't move. I want to feel you like never before. I want to see you so move on the hearts of your people that they lay on their faces for hours crying out for the souls of those who dont know you. And then i wanna see times where all these sinners cannot help but stop by a place. they try not to come, but they have to go for some reason. and then they show up and get rocked by You. Thats what i want. make us desperate. Purify us so it is never about us. We want you. I realize more each day how much i am nothing without you. Lord when will you come? Cant you see our desperation? Show me what to do. Show me how to prepare the way for your kingdom. And not just your return, but the coming of your Kingdom to earth through your people now. The move we are waiting on. The move you are waiting to give us. Lead us. Guide us. We are here and willing. We want You. Consume us. Really. Consume our thoughts. Consume our lives. Make us so enticed by your presence and your Word that we keep coming back for more. Because there is always more of you.  We want this too. Do whatever you have to do to us and in us and through us so that you can move like you want to. For real. Amen. 

Monday, June 16, 2008


i remember when we would sing Surround Me and  Enemy's Camp and Look What the Lord Has Done and then somebody would get up and run around and someone else would cry their eyes out and someone else would get floored and hardly know what happened to them, then we would sit there not knowing what was next but nobody would care. and it was amazing. and i miss it. 


the Lord's timing is weird. thats all. 

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Can you ever have too much trust in God?
Of course not right?
But what if you trust so much that you neglect talking to Him about stuff?
Because a lot of times I just think- ehh I trust God to take care of it.
and so i dont really pray about stuff like i think i should. 
Not really sure what to do. 
Because its so important to trust the Lord, but prayer is also important. 
Maybe my concept of prayer needs to be revolutionized...hmm i dunno.
Any insight?

Saturday, June 14, 2008


On the Brink of Breaking
Stirrings inside increase, eyes open
Movement is forceful
Weight is evident
Daughters and sons are positioned
Every detail shows were on the brink
We can see it more than ever
Protection provided
Rapid acceleration 
Face down and growing 
Ready, Equipped
Strength arising
Its your time
For Breaking.

so i decided.

to start a blog, instead of always just putting stuff on myspace and facebook.