Sunday, June 15, 2008


Can you ever have too much trust in God?
Of course not right?
But what if you trust so much that you neglect talking to Him about stuff?
Because a lot of times I just think- ehh I trust God to take care of it.
and so i dont really pray about stuff like i think i should. 
Not really sure what to do. 
Because its so important to trust the Lord, but prayer is also important. 
Maybe my concept of prayer needs to be revolutionized...hmm i dunno.
Any insight?


Anonymous said... to me is so fragile. i have had so many times when trust has just straight been snapped like a twig in my face...and so honestly...its so hard for me to trust, and open up in front of people. but maybe sometimes that can be a good thing to....

Mark said...

Trust is such an awesome subject. It's easier said than done. Anyone can say it...but so few really step out and do it. I think what is tough when dealing with Trust is that by Trusting God in all things one must give God that part of their life. Giving God full control causes one to have to surrender all to God. Surrendering to God brings God's best. God help me to really surrender all to You.