Friday, August 29, 2008


What do you see?

Describe the place that epitomizes this statement…


If you have seen it with your tangible eyes, describe it…
If you haven’t, but can see any part of it in your spirit, describe what you see.

Take some time to really think about this, or simply express what first comes to mind.
Long detailed description or just a short statement-  every response will be much appreciated.

Please e-mail your responses to:
(I'd prefer email so I can keep it all together, but you can just comment here if you want to)

Thanks- it mean more than you know... 

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I was asked to define the word bless...

I've always understood it to basically mean the Father choosing to give us peace, joy, clarity, direction, health, etc. through people, things, words, thoughts, feelings, or any other way He chooses.

really, as I think about it, I think anything He gives to us is a blessing.
because He gives good gifts...
and sometimes even our storms get us exactly where He wants us.
and His ways are perfect.

so in short...

bless= give something to; or give of yourself to

What do you think?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


He is beginning to prove His trustworthiness. 
He is revealing Himself in ways we don't expect.

Theres an open window here... Many times we have to trust even though we don't see the end result. But right now,  He is proving how trustworthy He is... He is orchestrating moments where His glory can flow, yet He is choosing to surprise us before those moments even arrive. (right TCR?) 
And He is bestowing crazy favor on His people. If we will trust Him, we will walk in favor like never before. 



Give Him no reason not to bless you.

...I will not let You go unless You bless me... (Genesis 32:26)

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled. (Matthew 5:6)

Its a promise. He calls those who hunger and thirst for righteousness blessed.  So if we live in right standing with God, He WILL bless us. 


My eyes are fixed on my Jesus who fixes everything.
Just being with him brings so much peace and joy and clarity.
Sure I still have to deal with a lot of stuff inside of me,  but He makes me feel so much better.
Its so worth it to worship in the hard moments.

and also.
Thanks Lord for using me in spite of me.

and also.
This is it for They Came Running. they are amazing. all of them.  because they know they are His.


ive been way too good at ruining days lately...
i dont mean to

im not a jerk

sorry if i come across as one sometimes

if i just listen to you overreact and dont say anything 
you continue to let it ruin your day...

but then i try to tell you to shake it off
and i ruin your day anyways simply because i said something

maybe i should just let you sink down... 

(and to you... this isnt about some little situation with cleaning something up...)

thats just a small glimpse of what continues to happen on a deeper level.
and im sick of it 
and i dont know what to do....

I want to be led.
I want wisdom, not confusion.
I want to talk when I'm supposed to
and shut up when im supposed to...
this has got to get dealt with...
and then when I'm upset, it seems to upset everyone...

people say Ive got to really learn that I am not always right,
sure i know that I cant always be right, no one can, but I want to see when I am not right.
because usually when people say
"you think your always right" i rarely see where i was wrong...
thus i just feel attacked... and like they see something i don't and im never shown where im wrong... ignorance is not always bliss.
I know im not always right but I refuse to believe I am always wrong...

Will someone just show me? 
without attacking me? ahhh.... the connection... 
I had that and then got the worse attack by that relationship coming to a sudden stop.
I finally found someone who had the guts to flat out call me out when I was wrong...
I could be extremely excited about something I thought was right and he would look me in the eye and say your wrong, heres why... or at least here is what u can do.
And in that time i grew more and faster than ever...
and even tho hearing your wrong WITH being shown why initially stings, its a lot less painful than all this other crap.
but now he is gone.

thats why this hurts so bad. 
and thats why i was drawn to him. cuz i want to be cut 
and not always just be shown whats right.
and ya know what? he did care.
i know he did. he showed me. 

but then his lack of integrity led him in to a downward spiral 
where now it looks like he couldnt care less. 
because his focus is just off...
i still believe in him. 
i dont care what anyone says.
i cant just disconnect myself...
i say bye, but i dont wanna say that.
he did too much for me and so many others...
i dont want closure... 
i want to see him restored and renewed.
I believe it. 
Thats my calling. 
The one that he helped me tap into.

I dont know what to do,
but my eyes are on You.


You don't know what you've done to me
and you don't even care.
Actually, you probably do know.
and you still dont care. 

The Lord lets you be intimately involved 
in the lives of those you are around.
But you only care about yourself and what you know.
You don't have the integrity to back this up.

It almost makes me want to pray 
that God takes that gift away
Because without integrity and care, 
you only hurt people.

and i'm not the only one. 
but once again I'm sure you know that too.
not that you care.
as long as you dont get hurt anymore right?

I know you know whats right
Yet you still choose to do wrong.
Didn't you learn?
That is the definition of a fool.
Thats one of those things
you did need to be teachable on
and you know it.

Sometimes I say a thing or two 
just to see if you take any interest at all
But all you give me is a "hey, I'm good"
and "cool."
You could at least say you don't want to talk to me.

I never did anything to you 
and  you know it.

Sure I probably shouldn't have let this bottle up, 
but I did. 
And you know why?
Because what I really wanted
is for you to talk to me
But obviously thats not gonna happen.

I don't even know
that I could believe an apology
at this point.
But something in me 
still wants one.

I thought you could get excited
for me when I do stuff for the Kingdom 
knowing that you were a voice
that helped make it happen. 
and I could have the security 
of you sending me out. 
Looks like you were wrong. 
and so was I. 

But thats ok. 
There is no void there
The Lord has provided 
that and so much more.

I don't need you anymore.
at all.
but too bad that doesn't take away 
the pain.

I defended you
time after time after time after time
more than you know.

I walked thru so much dirt just to keep you out of it
because i believed in you

and you know what? 
way deep down
I still do.

You can't continue like this.
we all see that. including you.

but i believe in what you can be... later on.
if you choose it.
or even now.
o well 
the ball is in your court.

but for now I must do this for me. 

I forgive you.
and you won't slow me down. 

Monday, August 18, 2008


Main Entry:
\ə-ˈrij-ə-nəl, -ˈrij-nəl\
14th century
1archaic : the source or cause from which something arises; specifically : originator
2 a: that from which a copy, reproduction, or translation is made b: a work composed firsthand
3 a: a person of fresh initiative or inventive capacity b: a unique or eccentric person

Awake O Sleeper! ARISE from the dead and Christ will shine on you!
Ephesians 5:14

To really awaken is to go to the source. the Originator. Through Christ alone, we can be people that tap into the heart of the one who created everything. In the Kingdom should we not then have the most creative and fresh ideas in all areas? From music to events to inventions to medicines, the list goes on and on.  Shouldn't we use our gifts and passions for the things that give Him the greatest glory?
If the King has your heart, absolutely any passion you have can be used to bring Him glory. 

If we are going to arise from the dead and walk in all God has for us, we must go to the source and seek Him out above all else.  He created all. Everything He did, everything He made was original. 
He is the source from which all things arise.

Sons and Daughters of the Most High, I charge you- be an original that looks like the Originator, not a copy of someone just attempting to  have His power and beauty. 

Monday, August 4, 2008


I was reminded how much I look up to someone yesterday
when they made a statement
without thinking twice about it.

oh the drama one statement could cause if the right person found out.
but that wasn't a concern for them.

[Disclaimer: it wasn't my pastor so no one start anything else k?]

but the person who said it sees hope for change.
and is being the change
thus can talk with a pure and honest and loving heart.

but that little statement encapsulated so much...
and unfortunately there is no denying its truth.

"Church of God Cleveland, TN has ruined people"

that statement and all that surrounds it, is a picture of cleveland right now...
you have people that love the Lord but are confused by all the division.
they get sick and tired of it so they leave the church
thus most of the time straying away...
but knowing and longing deep down-
so they show back up.
but havent dealt with the junk
so they let it build up on the inside.

Theres so much bitterness that only the Lord can deal with.
and He's doing it.

He's shaking views
and healing wounds

He is revealing Himself inside and outside of church.
so we see the need for the church
and the importance of moving outside.

He is opening our eyes to people
instead of just systems.

The waters have sat still long enough
He is bringing all the dirt and grime and junk

No hiding it underneath anymore.
Now everyone can see it.
all of it.

Yet at the same time,
He is letting us see glimpses of the beauty that is going to come from all of this.


Church of God Cleveland, TN-
You are more than a system,
You are people.
I believe in you.
and I love you.
His ways are best and you know it.
and you want it deep down.
So stay strong, stay faithful.
Because He is stronger and more faithful to us than we could ever be to Him.
See what He wants not what you want.
But in order to see, you have to open your eyes.
Keeping your eyes closed blocks out the light
and I know thats not what you want.
Wake up and see the sunrise
for Joy comes in the morning.
It really does! You taught me that.
Really there's a lot you taught me,
but seem to have forgotten.
You taught me that I won't find fulfillment
by trying to have one foot in the world
and the other in the door of the church
whatever that looks like--
be it my attitudes, my motives, my thoughts or my actions.
You taught me that I won't find fulfillment in stuff.
or by standing still in a seemingly safe place.
or even from people.
Yet you are standing still at a doorway that was opened for you
but you have one foot in and one foot out
and you are looking around for stuff and people.
And thats why so many of my brothers and sisters
are falling away from you
or walking-- no, sprinting away from you.
And of the ones that are staying
many are so hurt and scarred
that its going to have to be a
"thus and no other,"
pure move of God
to heal and restore.
and renew.
So how's that going to come?
Through you, through me.
But only if we are willing to praise
when we dont feel like praising.
and love
when we don't feel like loving
and come together
even when we don't agree on every little thing
and worship with our lives. all the time.
There's enough of us that want this--
so He is coming and He won't be stopped.
Coming with us?

[and to Westmore... don't you see? You are such a prophetic picture of a larger body... just a thought...]


we're about to change the world.

its time to get crackin.

His face and His kisses and His embrace and His presence--

We must live there right now.

What in the world are we about to step in to?

Oh snap. Here it comes.
because here we come.

rapid acceleration.

I love this.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


the current state of my heart in a song...

"Precious Jesus"- Jeremy Riddle
Precious Jesus
Lord of all
I come before You
I humbly fall
I want to know You
More than anything
I want to love You
With my everything

Ive been touched by Your saving love
Become lost in Your amazing grace
And my heart is overwhelmed
At the beauty of Your ways
And here and now I stand
And say Im forever Yours
Jesus Youre my all in all
And I will sing Your praise