Monday, August 4, 2008


I was reminded how much I look up to someone yesterday
when they made a statement
without thinking twice about it.

oh the drama one statement could cause if the right person found out.
but that wasn't a concern for them.

[Disclaimer: it wasn't my pastor so no one start anything else k?]

but the person who said it sees hope for change.
and is being the change
thus can talk with a pure and honest and loving heart.

but that little statement encapsulated so much...
and unfortunately there is no denying its truth.

"Church of God Cleveland, TN has ruined people"

that statement and all that surrounds it, is a picture of cleveland right now...
you have people that love the Lord but are confused by all the division.
they get sick and tired of it so they leave the church
thus most of the time straying away...
but knowing and longing deep down-
so they show back up.
but havent dealt with the junk
so they let it build up on the inside.

Theres so much bitterness that only the Lord can deal with.
and He's doing it.

He's shaking views
and healing wounds

He is revealing Himself inside and outside of church.
so we see the need for the church
and the importance of moving outside.

He is opening our eyes to people
instead of just systems.

The waters have sat still long enough
He is bringing all the dirt and grime and junk

No hiding it underneath anymore.
Now everyone can see it.
all of it.

Yet at the same time,
He is letting us see glimpses of the beauty that is going to come from all of this.


Church of God Cleveland, TN-
You are more than a system,
You are people.
I believe in you.
and I love you.
His ways are best and you know it.
and you want it deep down.
So stay strong, stay faithful.
Because He is stronger and more faithful to us than we could ever be to Him.
See what He wants not what you want.
But in order to see, you have to open your eyes.
Keeping your eyes closed blocks out the light
and I know thats not what you want.
Wake up and see the sunrise
for Joy comes in the morning.
It really does! You taught me that.
Really there's a lot you taught me,
but seem to have forgotten.
You taught me that I won't find fulfillment
by trying to have one foot in the world
and the other in the door of the church
whatever that looks like--
be it my attitudes, my motives, my thoughts or my actions.
You taught me that I won't find fulfillment in stuff.
or by standing still in a seemingly safe place.
or even from people.
Yet you are standing still at a doorway that was opened for you
but you have one foot in and one foot out
and you are looking around for stuff and people.
And thats why so many of my brothers and sisters
are falling away from you
or walking-- no, sprinting away from you.
And of the ones that are staying
many are so hurt and scarred
that its going to have to be a
"thus and no other,"
pure move of God
to heal and restore.
and renew.
So how's that going to come?
Through you, through me.
But only if we are willing to praise
when we dont feel like praising.
and love
when we don't feel like loving
and come together
even when we don't agree on every little thing
and worship with our lives. all the time.
There's enough of us that want this--
so He is coming and He won't be stopped.
Coming with us?

[and to Westmore... don't you see? You are such a prophetic picture of a larger body... just a thought...]

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