Wednesday, August 20, 2008


You don't know what you've done to me
and you don't even care.
Actually, you probably do know.
and you still dont care. 

The Lord lets you be intimately involved 
in the lives of those you are around.
But you only care about yourself and what you know.
You don't have the integrity to back this up.

It almost makes me want to pray 
that God takes that gift away
Because without integrity and care, 
you only hurt people.

and i'm not the only one. 
but once again I'm sure you know that too.
not that you care.
as long as you dont get hurt anymore right?

I know you know whats right
Yet you still choose to do wrong.
Didn't you learn?
That is the definition of a fool.
Thats one of those things
you did need to be teachable on
and you know it.

Sometimes I say a thing or two 
just to see if you take any interest at all
But all you give me is a "hey, I'm good"
and "cool."
You could at least say you don't want to talk to me.

I never did anything to you 
and  you know it.

Sure I probably shouldn't have let this bottle up, 
but I did. 
And you know why?
Because what I really wanted
is for you to talk to me
But obviously thats not gonna happen.

I don't even know
that I could believe an apology
at this point.
But something in me 
still wants one.

I thought you could get excited
for me when I do stuff for the Kingdom 
knowing that you were a voice
that helped make it happen. 
and I could have the security 
of you sending me out. 
Looks like you were wrong. 
and so was I. 

But thats ok. 
There is no void there
The Lord has provided 
that and so much more.

I don't need you anymore.
at all.
but too bad that doesn't take away 
the pain.

I defended you
time after time after time after time
more than you know.

I walked thru so much dirt just to keep you out of it
because i believed in you

and you know what? 
way deep down
I still do.

You can't continue like this.
we all see that. including you.

but i believe in what you can be... later on.
if you choose it.
or even now.
o well 
the ball is in your court.

but for now I must do this for me. 

I forgive you.
and you won't slow me down. 

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