Sunday, August 24, 2008


I was asked to define the word bless...

I've always understood it to basically mean the Father choosing to give us peace, joy, clarity, direction, health, etc. through people, things, words, thoughts, feelings, or any other way He chooses.

really, as I think about it, I think anything He gives to us is a blessing.
because He gives good gifts...
and sometimes even our storms get us exactly where He wants us.
and His ways are perfect.

so in short...

bless= give something to; or give of yourself to

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

why seek a blessing then?
shouldn't we just seek to be righteous?

when we are righteous we are blessed... so if we already belong to Christ, we already are blessed.

maybe we just forget that we ARE blessed? or maybe we are blind and just don't see His blessings?

if we live under God's authority and in His will then WE ARE BLESSED!

what more could we want or need? hasn't He already given us everything we need?

Ariel Havanah said...

"Give of urself to" I like that part of the definition in the context :D