Thursday, December 9, 2010


Here's a couple interesting stories from this week...

Friend #1
On Tuesday, he hears the Lord speaking to him that he should speak on "God's greenhouse." He thinks this is quite odd, but starts looking into it anyway. He tells no one but hopes he will get some kind of confirmation.

Friend #2
Decides to give Friend #1 a gift for Hanukkah everyday this year. This same Tuesday, just before service, Friend #2 brings Friend #1 the most random gift in the world. A USB powered Greenhouse.

Confirmation much? (and btw... that word was amazing- if u didn't get to hear it, think "greenhouse= the presence of the Lord" and then go study greenhouses. what a word. legit.)

Here's another one for you....

Friend #3
Lives in AZ, knows my family, but none of my friends....yet. ;)

Yesterday afternoon she sends me this text:
"Reading my old journals today and cant stop laughing/smiling... "talked with Tim today about our call to be salmon - to swim upstream, as hard as that may be, and claim the higher pools. LORD search me and know me; I want to bring to You a life that is holy and sanctified through You." :)

Friend #4
Lives here in Cleveland, TN.

Posts this on her status today:
Lets say life is a river, then pursuing Christ requires swimming upstream. When we stop swimming, or actively following Him, we automatically begin to be swept downstream. Where are you in the river of life today?

Are you swimming upstream?

Are you slowly floating downstream away from Christ?

Or has the river completely sweep you downstream?

So a greenhouse and an upstream journey- I'd say we'd better heed these words church. Its time that we stay in the presence of the Lord and gain His energy. If we are going to swim upstream, its not going to be easy so we must take refuge in His strengthening presence- His greenhouse.

I love how the Lord continually confirms His word over and over again through His people... and half the time they don't even know what they are doing or saying. God is so, so faithful to keep His children "on the same page" and working as His body regardless of if they know one another or not, regardless of if they have done all the right stuff this week, regardless of if they know all the right people or not, regardless... well, you get the point. He's faithful and He's good and He loves His children enough to continually show us that if we will fix our eyes on Him, this whole body thing- it just works.

For some study on the awesomely functioning body of Christ-- check out Ephesians 4:1-16.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Faithful King
You are the Most Excellent One
Your eyes
burn like fire, they leave me undone
Your face
so beautiful, drawing me to your heart
Your mercies
new every morning
Your orchestration
so fun and so very divine
Your body
desiring purity, Your cleansing, Your heart
You mold us.
You make us one.

I hear a sound
like thunder, like rain
Its the sound of an army arising
moving to the rhythm of your heartbeat

This rhythm

Here we are, marching as one
We will move with the winds of your favor
We will carry the burdens of your heart
We will love as you have first loved us
We will

There's a generation
across the earth
cultures of our day
to the unknown
Your face all the way.

Let us always be strengthened by You Faithful King
Confidently knowing You are with us
Constantly remind us of the rhythm we've captured
Never let us escape the sound of your heart
Fill us with your love and your fire
Captivate our hearts
For the sake of Your Kingdom
We surrender