Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I love love love being in the Kingdom.
I'm two hours away but I feel like I am worshipping 2 feet away.
We have the same heart.
I'm here, You're there
but its like we meet somewhere in the sky...

Can You hear the sound
From all over the earth
There's a new glory we have found
A revolution we will birth.
I'll meet you somewhere in the sky
On the way up to His throne
To Him alone we cry
The greatest unity We've ever known.

To You Lord we pray
From the north, south, east and west
In Your face we will stay
We will give You no rest
O God send Your rain
Fall on more than just a few
In our victory and in our pain
Together we will praise You.
Your promises stand 
So inhabit our praise
Come and kiss this land
And be with us all our days.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Can you hear it?
There is something soaring through the air
Something that has not been there before
And even if it has, its never reached this far
Can you hear the sound of the abundance of rain?

Can you feel it?
The atmosphere is changing
A shift has taken place
There is a presence that is almost tangible
He is so close right now.

Can you see it?
There's movement all around
The sleeping ones are awakening
There is something just over the horizon
The waters are beginning to stir

Can you smell it?
The fragrance in our midst is beautiful
Dead flesh is a sweet-smelling aroma to Him
The scent of a coming rain has consumed the air

Can you taste it?
His words are like honey to our lips
The fruit coming from this is so sweet
It's so close we can taste it.

Come like a mighty rushing river. I'll jump right in.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


so after church today I talked to mom and got on the computer and other various things and then I read my last blog to myself. 
We were leaving to go eat at 4 something, so at 3 I decided to sleep for an hour.
As I laid down, I told the Lord that if He wanted to talk to me through a dream He was welcome to. Then my head hit the pillow and I slept.

At 4 the alarm goes off.  I was slightly embarrassed and frustrated at myself because of the dream I'd just had. Oh well, I thought, I'll just call my friend  who was in the dream  later on and just laugh  it off. 

So I'm getting ready and I remembered what I told the Lord.
Well, maybe the Lord was trying to say something to me...  I racked my brain for a few minutes, thoughts flying in all directions. I was getting a little bit frustrated because I wanted to be able to just laugh that dream off and not have to think about it anymore...when I told the Lord He could talk to me, I was thinking some cool revelation or some cool prophetic dream or something, something beautiful of course, nothing ugly... actually ugly hadn't even crossed my mind until this point. Cuz when got speaks its always beautiful right?....Wrong.

 I was realizing I couldn't just ignore this little dream. I mean I guess I could have, but if I ask Him to talk, I should probably pay attention to what He is saying when He is talking. So with my thoughts still swarming around like angry bees, confusion was rising. Well the Lord taught me a while ago, that He is not the author of confusion therefore that was an immediate red flag. I needed to just pause for a second so I could hear. And as soon as I did, the Lord said to me- "this is the fire that you asked for."

AHHH the blog!  "I want your fire even when it hurts..."

I guess I wasn't expecting Him to move that way...

Church this morning was about moving with God.
Getting out of your comfort zone, abandoning preconceived ideas, and getting ready for new challenges and growth markers on your journey. Wow. I experienced all 3 today. I guess thats what I get...I mean I did choose to come live with the man who preached that this morning.

It's awesome though. This is why I am here. To serve them and to grow. Ha. and I was just thinking how I wanted acceleration and  thinking of how maybe I just needed to be patient... Ummm... Amanda. open your eyes.  (God wants you to see, remember? You learned that today at church too.) This is same day service here. You are accelerating so much more than you realize. 

Sorry... had to preach to myself for a second.

So here's what I learned/ was reminded of today:

1. When I hear that God won't necessarily move the same way He has before, that applies to much more than just a style of a church service.
2. When you talk to the Lord, He listens. 
3. When the Lord talks, its not always going to be beautiful. Yet at the same time, it so is.
4.  The things I hear are for me more than I realize.
5. Cleansing fire isn't always some huge life crisis- fire can come through something as simple as a dream...and yes. it still burns.

Thank you for teaching me today. 
I love your teachings so much
and feeling the burn means I am that much closer to Your face.
Because I know that your eyes burn like blazing fire.
And what you showed me in this dream today- show me how to fix it.
I want to love like you love.
I want to have compassion for the lost and for those I am close to
Teach me to honor those close to me
And not discount people just cuz of their junk
Thanks for showing me the junk in my own life.
Deal with the anger that comes up sometimes
Help me to overflow with kindness
Take away my pride
I don't always know the best way
Help me to have compassionate understanding when you are teaching others
Teach me when its my turn to confront an issue, and when I need to leave it alone
Really, I just need to overflow with Your love
Teach me to truly love.


Thank you.

Your blessings are so much more
 than i could ever deserve.

Thank you for finding me
 in the midst of a universe so big
 and kissing me so intimately.

Thank you for loving 
 this far-from-perfect soul.

All I will ever do for You
will never amount 
to anything near 
what You deserve.

Yet You still desire me.

You are so beautiful
and Your love is enough.

I want to glorify You 
in all I do
because You're worth it
and just because I love You.

I wanna walk closer.

Let your glory emanate from me

Let me walk like You want me to walk
and talk like You want me to talk
and smell like You want me to smell

I'm here to gain a scent,
a fragrance that You love

I want my life to be a fragrant offering 
to You my king.

Holy Spirit,
teach me
guide me
fill me

I want your fire
even when it hurts
I want your power
even though it costs

I want all You have for me
So I can give it all
right back to You.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Restore the joy of our salvation
Restore the joy
And the peace
And the comfort
Of living everyday with You
Identify us O Lord
Show us we are pleasing to You
And show us anything in us that does not please You
Help us to not encourage or foster anything that the enemy enjoys.
Wrap us in your arms
Teach us how to make you proud
We need You Daddy.
In our hurt
In our insecurity
In our confusion
We must have You
Renew us in You
Make us excited again
Make us confident again
Make us energized again
Let us feel safe in you again
All for Your glory Lord
Its all for You alone.

And Lord,
You have got to be sick of the enemy doing this to Your people.
Show Your power.
Help us to do what we can to fight off the lies of the enemy.
Let us shield one another
And encourage one another.
And give us the biggest Holy Ghost check in our spirits
Anytime that we are opening doors, or encouraging the movement of the enemy.
Holy Spirit move.
Comfort us O God.
Strengthen Your people
For Your Kingdom’s sake.