Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I love love love being in the Kingdom.
I'm two hours away but I feel like I am worshipping 2 feet away.
We have the same heart.
I'm here, You're there
but its like we meet somewhere in the sky...

Can You hear the sound
From all over the earth
There's a new glory we have found
A revolution we will birth.
I'll meet you somewhere in the sky
On the way up to His throne
To Him alone we cry
The greatest unity We've ever known.

To You Lord we pray
From the north, south, east and west
In Your face we will stay
We will give You no rest
O God send Your rain
Fall on more than just a few
In our victory and in our pain
Together we will praise You.
Your promises stand 
So inhabit our praise
Come and kiss this land
And be with us all our days.


April said...

Oooooooooh i love your thoughts! How neat! May Jesus inpart tons more gold nuggets in your life!

AH said...

Love it was well! Thanks for sharing ur heart!