Sunday, September 14, 2008


Thank you.

Your blessings are so much more
 than i could ever deserve.

Thank you for finding me
 in the midst of a universe so big
 and kissing me so intimately.

Thank you for loving 
 this far-from-perfect soul.

All I will ever do for You
will never amount 
to anything near 
what You deserve.

Yet You still desire me.

You are so beautiful
and Your love is enough.

I want to glorify You 
in all I do
because You're worth it
and just because I love You.

I wanna walk closer.

Let your glory emanate from me

Let me walk like You want me to walk
and talk like You want me to talk
and smell like You want me to smell

I'm here to gain a scent,
a fragrance that You love

I want my life to be a fragrant offering 
to You my king.

Holy Spirit,
teach me
guide me
fill me

I want your fire
even when it hurts
I want your power
even though it costs

I want all You have for me
So I can give it all
right back to You.


1 comment:

Starry said...

I loved the last 11 or so lines about the Holy Spirit. Really touched me -- I read it over and over til it really sank in.

Thanks for sharing ! God Bless