Monday, September 15, 2008


Can you hear it?
There is something soaring through the air
Something that has not been there before
And even if it has, its never reached this far
Can you hear the sound of the abundance of rain?

Can you feel it?
The atmosphere is changing
A shift has taken place
There is a presence that is almost tangible
He is so close right now.

Can you see it?
There's movement all around
The sleeping ones are awakening
There is something just over the horizon
The waters are beginning to stir

Can you smell it?
The fragrance in our midst is beautiful
Dead flesh is a sweet-smelling aroma to Him
The scent of a coming rain has consumed the air

Can you taste it?
His words are like honey to our lips
The fruit coming from this is so sweet
It's so close we can taste it.

Come like a mighty rushing river. I'll jump right in.

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