Thursday, July 24, 2008


simple reminders we can all use...

ask yourself in everything, is this glorifying the Lord?
always ask that.
not just at certain times. because theres no such thing as some separate Spiritual life. 
Moving WITH the Spirit should BE your life.
is He not worthy? 

always think about Him- think of the joy He brings and the peace, and the intimacy and the love.
because when you focus on all He has done for you and how great He is,  you begin to fall in love.

Don't try to figure out why you are going through what you are going through or why its His will for this or that to happen,
 just TRUST.  
Can't you trust the One who is absolutely perfect? I mean really. Would you rather it go your way in this moment and MISS the greatness He has for you in the future?

Everyday, seek to please Him. but it has to come from a heart of love. and not just striving. because if you are just doing things solely because you feel like you have to, thats not love at all... thats nothing more than trying to get fire insurance.

Stay in the word so that you can see the beauty of it. Depth is more important than distance. Its so much better to apply a verse or two today than to read a ton of chapters and do nothing with it.

Stay in prayer for your sake. and prayer doesn't have to look any certain way. Its simply communication with the father, that means you can be driving in your car and whisper some words of love. or when you find yourself in a rut, ask the Lord which way to go. 

Just be led.
As with any relationship, as you begin to fall in love with the Lord, you begin to learn about how He thinks and how He moves and what makes Him smile. 
and then it brings you joy to please the Lord,
and its HIS joy. 
He who created joy.  
If you truly want Him, He will open doors to where you get the greatest good and He gets the greatest glory...

and its pretty much amazing. 

So stop striving to always do more. just let Him love you and then fall in love. and see where that leads you.

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