Thursday, November 27, 2008


fabulantastic= fabulous, fantastic and the combination of those feelings, A RANDOM EXPRESSION OF JOY AND PEACE that just came out of my mouth one day and kinda just stuck.

Labrina told me to write a blog  about it so I did.  In reality it works great to describe where I am at right now. I don't really understand what the Lord is doing right now, but I have so much joy and peace in this season. My list of questions was definitely lengthened today with the death of Perry Keyt.  I was so encouraged by Melissa's strength  from an email I read  just after I had written the bottom part of this blog:  "God is a mighty God and I trust His plans and His ways, even when I don't understand. We will praise Him just because He is Worthy!"
WOW. What strength. Its incredible to see her have a heart of praise even in the midst of the death of her husband. What an encouragement she is to praise our God instead of sitting on our questions.  Life right now for so many is unpredictable and filled with I don't knows, but I'm learning more and more that His ways are so much better than ours. We can all walk in that kind of strength if we can put our trust in Him.  
Its all part of  "The ______ of the ______." [btw. that thing in quotes right there, that will be a book one day, but the blanks will be filled in... just thought i'd throw that out there.]

Majoring in the minor key
Rinsing with resolve
Constructing the skibobble
Preparing for the milter.


Belief without reason
Yet every reason to believe
Core giving credence to entirety
Reconnoitering the perspicuous opacity


Ceaseless depths
Wresting deepest desire
Sovereign roar
Whispering sweet


Captivate me liberating surrender
Free me from my freedom
Dominate my control
Come reveal.

..."blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed."


johnny said...
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johnny said...

Hi I do not know you. I was just searching who on bloggers like Brian and Jenn Johnson's music! I just want to say your blog is so encouraging. Keep on posting for His glory! It's amazing to browse through blogs and know that the bloggers are pursuing Jesus with abandonment! Thank you again and may you grow deeper in the knowledge of Him.

ps. Fantabulous is actually a word!