Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This word, His word. 
Its like  a fire inside of me right now.

To theElement, and all the other vessels in labor with this thing:
What if you didnt settle?
What if you didnt stop?

You feel this. I know you do.
You've seen the Lord move this week, but we all know there is so much more that is on the brink of happening.
Let your holy dissatisfaction stoke the fire inside of you.
Don't let this fire die!

What if you chose to keep this thing going?
What if you guys called the church and said, " Hey were gonna need the sanctuary Friday and Saturday night. "
And you kept praying. and you kept worshipping. 
and you go at it till you birth this thing.

When a woman is in labor they dont wait till her contractions are really strong then send her home.
Some may come visit and then leave, but the one carrying the baby DOES NOT QUIT.
It doesnt matter how long it takes, they do whatever they have to do to birth the baby.

I so strongly believe that there is enough fire shot up in enough bones to sustain this. 
Whatever you have to do, whatever it looks like--
and DO NOT live to tell about it... let this process kill the "you" inside of you. 
Let this propel you to a life dead to yourself and alive in Christ. 
Let it purify you. 
Walk in it. 
Stay in it. 
Live in the flow of the Spirit. 

You CAN see the sick healed. 
You CAN see souls saved.
You CAN see compassion grow in the hearts of God's people.
You CAN see the dry, dead bones awaken to all God has.

I know you feel this, and I know you know you can get there.
So whats stopping you?


Jay said...


breck arnold said...

we can be the only ones to stop ourselves.

Tanna said...

Hmmm....What if???? What would that look like? I know what if would feel like. The fire is increasing. God's desire for the resurrection of his spirit is increasing. Christ ALIVE in us. What might that really look like? I will die to live. Count me in!!!