Sunday, November 23, 2008


why is it that I have always hungered for that atmosphere but can't seem to ever get close?

is that the easy route?

it seems so right, yet the wind blows me only to watch from a distance...

i know their names and their hearts
yet they have no idea who I am.
The same page factor weirds me out sometimes.
and the dreams.... wow.
whats that hallway thing? and that building and that shirt? and that rollercoaster and that park?

i don't have to know, but what in the world?
I'm completely cool with You doing this, I just don't get it.
is it just about prayer?
maybe, but i doubt it.

Show me.

Lord You know my heart and my desires
and i trust You.

Give me wisdom in this
You know what I need much more than I do

but if You are waiting for me to ask, here is my asking:

God will You orchestrate this in the timing that is for Your greatest glory and my greatest good?

Whatever You want, thats what I want. Where do I end and You begin?

and also... when I think about that not-yet-named thing.... it looks so much like this- so why isn't it? 

Is it a Timothy?
or is it a Barnabas?
or somehow both?
or neither?

not gonna lie. i feel like i have a thriving child in me thats pretty much way past its due date.
but i guess i shouldn't attempt to attach my concept of time to a Kingdom that operates outside of the limits and boundaries of time.

show me where to walk
show me where to stand
and where to avoid 
tell me when to move 
and when to be still
teach me what to awaken 
and what to put to rest

okay, okay i'll stop striving to make this happen...
So I'll say it simply,
just help me stand on Your feet and let You dance our dance.

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