Tuesday, November 4, 2008


God I am ready for this.
I told you just the other day that I was ready to see something that I haven’t seen and hear something I haven’t heard.
You know, your people HAVE been praying about our next president.
God You raise leaders up and bring them down.
I said a while back that I was confident that Your hand was in this election.
That belief has not changed.
So God, really this kind of excites me.
This is definitely something new.
I can really say I am not sure what You are doing with this election.
But I TRUST You.
And I have faith and expectation that You are moving.
Your people prayed so I believe this is fulfilling Your plans.
Even if I don’t see it right now.
God I don’t understand why, if we prayed, that we would have a president that is so pro-abortion. But I trust You.
I don’t understand why, if we prayed, that we would have a president who was mentored by someone who claims Your name, but seems to be filled with such hate. But I trust You.
I don’t understand why there was a clear word from You for Sarah Palin “for such a time as this,” if she wasn’t going to be elected as VP. But I do know that she doesn’t have to be in that position to be Your Esther for this time. You DO use the weak things to confound the things which are mighty, so who’s to say her impact couldn’t be potentially even greater with her in a "weaker" position? I trust You.
I don’t get all of this, but I don’t have to.
Your are moving. And I commit to move with You
Wherever You go, I will go.
You’re doing a new thing
Thank You for Your faithfulness.
I love You.
And I am excited and confident that in all areas I will begin to see something I haven't seen and hear something I haven't heard.
So God, bless Barack Obama. Lead him, guide him, speak to him. 
Be with our nation. 
God, bless America. 
Send revival to our land, renew us in the things of You. 
Move so powerfully that no one can deny it is You. 
Lord, in all we say, in all we do, be glorified. 


Anonymous said...

Well put!! I completely agree!

Anonymous said...

Amen. I praise you God; You are faithful.

Smitherd said...

Come on. Beautiful writing.

Pastor Mike's Blog said...

i came acrossed your blog...i used to live in cleveland...i now pastor in enterprise, alabama...you may remember the bad tornado last year that hit our high school....I found your post interesting...feel free to check out my blog...i am a Lee grad very familiar with Westmore....