Friday, October 24, 2008


I remember walking in the first time knowing NO ONE. 
except for rebecca davis who I had only met hours before on myspace...
since no one knew me, everyone just assumed I came with someone else, thus I was able to just float around and plop myself down in the middle of everyone like I was family. And I became that real quick. Thanks. 
Although it was a room of brand new faces when I walked in, I felt like I had known all of you always.

I remember one certain day when Brian was talking to us and then immediately pacing through that row of chairs and speaking in tongues. In that moment I realized I could do that too. I realized that praying in the spirit didn't have to be something that was "stirred up," but rather something that you just release.

I remember the day I had gone to a prayer gathering at oneighty before going over to north, and once I got there, I stepped out of my car and immediately heard the roar coming from way up in the tower.

I remember the day when Jeremy told us to go to the windows and pray for dorms, and we cried and wailed till Jeremy told us we had reached the time the Lord told him. (Sometimes I still wonder how those windows didnt break)

I remember staying out till crazy hours of the night and getting up a few hours later to go take a test at my high school and doing great. 

I remember singing "let the fire fall through the window" and it going from hilarious to prophetic. 

I remember listening to wild dreams about roots and stones and colors and leaders and buildings and everything else.

I remember the times I had alone in my car on the way over to the prayer tower.

I remember the faces of those around me gripped for the city I had always lived in.

I remember the feeling of college students asking us young high schoolers what we were hearing.

I remember the fire that sustained me.

I remember how rested I felt even with the lack of sleep.

I remember the expectation I had every night. 

I remember leaving some days feeling on top of the world.

And then there was the other side...

I remember some days leaving feeling as low as I could be.

I remember the frustrations of hitting walls. 

I remember the lack of wisdom I walked in at times. 

I remember the days when nothing seemed to make sense. 

I remember the days where we saw demons trying to get to us.

I remember days when we felt like everything was in vain. 

I remember feeling rejected by students from a school I had yet to attend. 

I remember having to try and justify my actions and always explain myself. 

I remember the day where I felt I needed to be at prayer so I missed a party and later found out I was talked about the whole time.

I remember the frustrations of being distracted by little things. 

I remember people slipping away who we thought would stay on strong.

I remember resting when I should have been fighting and fighting when I should've been resting. 

In the midst of it all, I LEARNED. 
It was so worth it. 

I know I am where I am today because of those days. 
It was in those times where my calling to that city was confirmed. 

Right now I am in GA on a word from the Lord in an incredible environment getting equipped to go back to Cleveland and help fulfill all those words we still believe. As I walk out this calling to Cleveland, it feels good to know that in those times where its going to be the hardest I can know that there are people in California, Alabama, New Jersey, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee,  Texas, Kentucky, Georgia, and other places who know just what its like to cry out for Cleveland.  Wow. That is incredible. Yes, I am so glad the 'Cleveland' that got put in us is scattered all over, but I plead to you guys. Keep Cleveland in your hearts. There is still so much promise in that place. I know you know that. Thank you guys for taking on a city that you don't even call home. Even though I am away from all of you now, you forever have a place in my heart. 

Cleveland still needs us, as much as the rest of this nation needs the Cleveland that got put in us.

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Anonymous said...

I love it Fisher!!! It's so much fun to sit and remember all those wonderful and not so wonderful things and times... it stirs up so many emotions and reminds me of a purpose and of a desire!!

I would have to say some of the best times of my lif eincluded you and I and some other bursting into random prayer or discussing dreams and words the Lord had spoken to our hearts... I love it!!!

And I am proud of you... I want to say that! From th first time I met you to now... there has been a growth so big that I can't even explain!! And I am proud to say I've seen you grow!!! I'm proud to have watched you come in as an unsure high schooler to transform into the mature woman in the Lord!!! I love you!!!