Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Its absolutely amazing to me how much goes on inside of me when I do something as simple as watching a video like this:

(I have no rights to this video, I just like it. Visit for more info.)

Revival is in my DNA. I was born for it. I don't just hop from event to event because I want the next fix. No. Its who I am. Its who God has created me to be. Nothing brings me more joy, satisfaction, and giddy excitement than being in a room with leaders experiencing the glory of God. Its who I am. I am not afraid to say it, and I'm learning to embrace it more each day right now. Its so fun. And so difficult at times. But all the good outweighs the bad by FAR. It does not matter what each day brings- the cry of my heart will forever be, "Lord you're worth it."

His presence is what I long for. Glory. Those times where you gather in a service with people and you can hardly say a word. All you can really do is look to your neighbor and say, "whoa."

If ever I say that to you, its an expression of being overwhelmed, unsure of what exactly the Lord is doing, but completely confident of His deep, deep work that is changing my life in that very moment.

There's been several of these moments in my life, and they are what bring life to me. I'm done trying to justify my need for revival environment and I'm embracing it as who God has called me to be. In this season, I'm doing my best to keep my sails set and letting the breath of Holy Spirit guide me each day.

It's crazy and spontaneous, and a little frightening at times, but oh so worth it. His glory presence is surrounding me regularly. He's leading me to places and moments where I can be immersed in His glory.

This is a season of mandate. Its a time where I move in the authority that has been given to me by God alone. There is no doubt in my mind that its a season where I am stepping in and going to begin to see the fulfillment of my calling. Dreams I've carried deep inside for many years are unfolding before my eyes. I always wondered when this day would come. Its here. And I'm not afraid to move.


johnyBB said...

Whoa, and amen. Keep writing you are helping others to open their ears as you share what God has spoken into yours.

Aaron Elliott said...

Great article! Enjoyed it very much!

mycouponbasket said...

Wow!!!! Amazing blog. Keep blogging.

StLphotogirl said...

I like this post. I think that we all need to stop and realize our need for God and for revival in our lives. God created us to be with Him and to praise Him and fellowship with Him. Great post!

Critical Nincompoop said...

I hope your dna leads you to the sheep revival. Many already abound for the goat revival.

marsella said...

I have been reading out a few of your posts and I can state pretty good stuff. I will definitely bookmark your blog..

Jillzy said...

Excellent! Inspiring! Amen!