Monday, July 16, 2012


To the Remnant of the Remnant-  You are those who are seeking God with everything in you. You're submitting to both the call of God on your life and the authority God has placed around you. You are aligning with His heart, seeking to look and sound like Him more every moment of every day. Your face is set like flint on His face and you're consistently finding new ways to walk closer to your King. You are discovering Papa's heart for His people and praying in the revival that He desires. You are taking the time to dream with Him and are saying "YES" to all He is showing you. You don't care how high the cost is because you are overwhelmed with the presence and the unfailing love of your Lover. He's good and He's worth it. Every time that any ounce of doubt tries to tell you otherwise, you choose to remember. You remember His goodness and His absolute faithfulness in every circumstance and then there you are- once again left undone by your glorious savior.
Sound familiar? Then I'm talking to you.

We're in a season where God's people are rising up to the call of transformation and reformation. We've spent the last several seasons preparing, simplifying and aligning our lives. Now cultural reformation is looking absolutely possible and even tangible. Seeing families, churches, schools, and even entire cities turn to God is no longer just a good idea. Instead, for many of you, Papa God's dreams are becoming your reality. You've allowed yourself to be consumed with His call, and He's gracing you with strategy and constant confirmation.

Now, that’s the beautiful side of things. On the other hand, we have an enemy who is absolutely outraged. The body of Christ has stepped up in prayer and devotion, and reformation is inevitable. The enemy is seeing the boldness that is sweeping over the Bride and he is in a panic.  I even see that his rage is outweighed by a sense of panic. The Bride is recognizing her beauty and her authority. A sound of worship is arising that reminds the enemy of the access to the throne that he no longer has. Just when he thought he had a hold on us, someone flipped to the back of The Holy Book and reminded him of His sure defeat and now we're walking in that victory. 

Since we have aligned ourselves to the heart of God, the enemy literally cannot find a foothold in our lives. There's no open door. 

All this makes sense to you so far, yet still there is something. It's like a weight or a heaviness. You don't know if it’s necessarily a bad thing, but it's not good thing either. It's almost like there is an anxiety present, but you can't seem to find the root of it. If you relate to this, let me suggest a solution that God has revealed over the last several days through a couple of mighty prophets: 
Go spray some paint, discern the clouds, and sleep well.

What? Spray paint, clouds and sleep? What in the world does any of that have to do with ANYTHING? Well. I'm glad you asked.
A friend of mine recently had a vision where she was walking among some dark, creepy trees. Suddenly, she saw a smudge. She then recognized that none of what she was seeing was even real. It was just a scene from an angered enemy who couldn't seem to find a foothold, so he painted a lie. I believe it's time we pull out a can of spray paint and cover over the enemy's evil scene. That darkness isn't even there; he just wants you to think it is! Hey and while you are spraying over the enemy's lies, why not dream with the Lord a little and paint prophetically the scene you want to see? Whether you paint these scenes in the natural or just in your imagination, the Lord LOVES it. He created us to dream with Him!

There's a common theme prophetically right now where the Lord is speaking to many about the cloud the size of the man's hand rising out of the sea (1 Kings 18:44).  It seems like everywhere I turn, someone else is talking about it. Be it healing, glory, salvation, signs and wonders, or all of the above, we just all seem to sense that something is coming. His promised rain is not far off. The Lord recently revealed to a friend, that the enemy has created a false cloud. The body of Christ has been crying out for the cloud that is bringing the rain. He's speaking to many about the cloud and promising His presence. His promises are always yes and amen, therefore when you feel a cloud around you, pay attention to it. Be careful to discern the clouds. The enemy wants you to pay attention to false weight. He wants you to convince yourself that something is wrong and distract you from the true cloud of God's rain. The word glory means weight- so weight can be a good thing. The weight of glory is pure, beautiful, and it compels you to do things that honor God. The false cloud, or weight, that the enemy has been trying to create, may look like rain or glory for a split second, but in reality, its only causing confusion, anxiety and unrest. Which leads me to the last one. Sleep.

One thing I've said of myself for years is that I am a good sleeper. When I choose to go to sleep, it's like I flip a little switch in my mind and I can be asleep pretty much immediately. If I wake up for any reason, it's not hard for me to go back to sleep. In the past few weeks I have spent many nights tossing and turning, waking up every hour. It frustrated me because I simply did not know why this was happening. I tried to figure out if it was some emotional or physical thing, something I needed to pray about or the devil or none of the above. I didn't really come to conclusions, I just woke up tired and frustrated the next day. A week or two into this little ordeal, the enemy's plans were exposed once again. The same friend who got the word about the false cloud got this word: Many of us have been sleeping too much, or too little. Some of us are sleeping through alarms when we have never done that before. Some of us are waking up every hour. Some of us are feeling tired all day. We, Remnant of the Remnant friends, are in a time where we are called to awaken people. We have received strategy and need energy and rest to carry it out. No wonder the enemy would try to rob us of rest! I know part of the reason that my nights were filled with unrest is because once I realized that I was waking up a lot, I would spend time racking my brain trying to figure out what was going on. Once this revelation was shared with me, my nights changed. Since then, I've still woken up a few times in the night, but each time I am able to fall back asleep much quicker and with a smile on my face because I'm excited that the enemy has been found out. So- do what you can to sleep well. And rest in the understanding that the resistance is the enemy's attempt at robbing us of our ability to awaken others.

So friends. That’s the strategy- spray paint, discern the clouds, and sleep well. 

2012 has been called a year of alignment and a year of prophetic order. God is positioning us for glory. He is cleansing our hearts and leading us into righteousness. We His children are rising up in faith and walking in a level of excitement, expectation, and joy that is shifting atmospheres. All you've dreamed of is accessible in the glory that is made available to us in this hour. Don't let the enemy distract you from it- he's just a liar. That's all. He's been found out, and will continue to be found out by listening prophets. Our victory is set. Let's do this thing. 


Coach said...

Thanks for resounding such a great call!

Jonathan Weeks said...

So who exactly is the enemy, if I may ask? Seems a little ambiguous.

Fisher said...

Jonathan- I am referring to who is known as the devil or Satan in the Bible.

Petals of praise said...

The lord used your blog to encourage me in a difficult decision made today. To tell me i will be ok and to strengthen me as i walk in obedience. Thanks!