Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I am done asking why. 
I've been asking the Lord that question for too long. 
And attempting to make sense of things that probably aren't meant to make sense.

So often I question what I think the Lord might be saying to me instead of just doing it. 
And you know what? its not too often that I get an answer. 
All it does it create stress and really the hated word, confusion. 
Why would I create something I hate? 
Thats why I'm done asking why. 

Its time to just act on what I feel the Lord is saying. 
If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. 
Holy Spirit will show me if its displeasing to Him.
If I am right and it simply makes no sense, chances are, it will in the future. and if not, so what. its not my will I am after anyways. If He wants me to do something for no reason at all, I'll still do it- just to please my Father. 

And the 'What ifs' and regrets are just dumb. 
I'm over that too. It gets me nowhere. 

So for everyone who wants to know what in the world I'm doing, 
I've been saying, I don't know, but really, I do know. 
Following the cloud and the fire. And gathering stones on the journey.


Kelly Ann said...

Amen! You speak truth that comforts my heart :) I think that we often ask "why" because we (I'm assuming you're like me in this sense...) like to have a plan. Preparedness is something we strive for and we like direction and purpose because we feel like we have "control." Ha! What an illusion. But seriously, thank you for loving Jesus. You shine so brightly for Him and encourage me to shine brighter!

Jennifer and Daniel said...

I was just thinking about you (and this blog) and I thought you might be interested in reading the blog on grace and forgiveness that Daniel wrote. He's recently received the call to be a youth minister... and you're probably the most godly person I know, so anyway, thought you'd be interested.