Sunday, February 22, 2009



peace and boldness resound today
I am so thankful for all God has done today. Its been an incredibly refreshing day. The Lord knew my heart even though my body and emotions were screaming resistance. I'm so glad He sees past all that. He has blown me away with His faithfulness today. What peace and joy. And really, its been so easy. So--- not me. I've reached my end.  tired, worn out, weak, in pain.  I exhausted myself and all my resources. I gave up and He moved in.

There is so much joy in the freedom of this journey. Doing what I know to do makes life so easy. Its only my mind that complicates things. Simple obedience is such freedom. I am so in love with my savior. I love loving Him. Through the hurt, the pain, and the ' I don't knows'  its so so so beautiful. 

Thanks God for showing up and showing off today.  I love Your ways. 

and I love You, Precious One.


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Kelly Ann said...

Umm why aren't we talking? Can we be friends? :) Your last 3 blog posts basically described my life! And I haven't even read the others yet... Oh my goodness I have so much to say! If we make it out to TN this summer, I would LOVE to spend time with you and hear about the adventure you are on with Jesus! I get the whole not knowing where you're going thing (its kind of been my life for the past year). I get the whole "Weird" because you're overly -spiritual- (whatever that really means) thing and yeah I just totally relate to you! Lets talk soon :)