Monday, January 26, 2009


I don't know where I am going,
and I'm not doing much of anything right now
Just waiting.
Its one of the most unsettling things ever
and it makes me feel like a lazy slacker
yet at the same time,
its the only thing that feels remotely right at the time.

not fun.

and every day, 14,000 people ask me what I am doing.
and all I can say is


Sure, I'm glad they're concerned, but I have nothing to say.
and I hate it. 
hmmm. guess that might be a good thing-- very humbling.
everyone has a different suggestion. 
and none of it feels right. 
at all.

I suppose I just have to pick some route soon...
or do I just continue to wait for the right door?
or is it already open and I am just blind to it?
I don't even have any idea whatsoever what the wise decision is here. 

sometimes, the whole trust thing, it stinks.
I just can't convince myself to choose any other way. 
It will be worth it. 
Its got to be.

In my life up to this point 
trusting God AND His timing
has ALWAYS paid off

I mean really. I'm reminded of a good ol' classic song-

I have so much to thank God for
So many wonderful blessings, and so many open doors....
For every mountain You have brought me over 
For every trial You have seen me through
For every blessing, HALLELUJAH
For this I give You praise...

I end up going places and doing things and getting to glorify God
in ways that not a lot of people get the opportunity to do
and its amazing.

I will endure through this,
I will continue to trust
and it will pay off. 
I know my God and I know He keeps His promises.

I am an olive tree in my Daddy's house.
I will trust in His UNFAILING LOVE. Always.

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AH said...

LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!